For over 10 years B2BTRIP provides accommodations for companies across all branches. Our teams in Munich and Trier consist out of high professionals with many years of work experience. Benefit on your next business trip from competitive prices and our carefree service. 100% completely free of charge.

Katja Kleinschmager, CEO B2BTRIP GmbH


Our Services



Who can book rooms through B2BTRIP?

Companies and organizations of all sizes can ask for our services. B2BTRIP specializes in the following industries and can offer special services: film & TV events, marketing, exhibitions and motor sports.


How much is a quotation from B2BTRIP

Our service is 100% free. No cost will arise for your inquiry, quotation, booking and travel arrangements.


How quickly will my inquiry be handled?

Within 24 hours.


Will I get a quote with different price categories?

You will get the lowest available price within your requested hotel category .


Where and when will the booking of my accommodation be paid?

You will proceed the payment upon arrival at the accommodation (cash, debit / credit card or by reimbursement credit card details). You do not have to transfer money to B2BTRIP. 


Can I rely on the fact that the hotel will receive the booking confirmation?

This goes without saying. 


What do I have to do if I need a cancellation or would like to request changes?

Simply contact B2BTRIP. We take care of changes, cancellations or other amendments. 


How can B2BTRIP offer these reasonable prices?

Through many years of close hotel partnerships and correspondingly high booking volumes. 


How does B2BTRIP makes profit if the service is free for me?

B2BTRIP profits from commissions, which are given by our partner hotels.